Great Moments in Aging

My wife is 55, I am 54.  We ate at Wendy’s last week, and the cashier was unusually nice.  I typically don’t drink with my meals, but she put a small cup on my tray and said “It’s free dear!”  So I walked away saying “Sweet!”, got a Diet Coke, and sat down to eat.  About halfway through my sandwich I looked at the receipt and the last item was “Senior Drink  $0.00”.  Sunufabich!

This morning I had my monthly breakfast with a good friend at IHOP, and as an experiment ordered from the 55+ section of the menu, the “Senior Lite Pancake Special”.  My server asked no questions.  Double sunufabich!!  Not only do I have to pick up the shattered pieces of my self-esteem, but have to deal with the moral issue of a possible venial sin…Satan may have laughed this day.

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2 Comments on “Great Moments in Aging”

  1. Claudio Says:

    Only 54…. I’ve been getting the senior thangs for 8 months now!

  2. Bob Says:

    yeah, but you’re getting closer each day to shooting your age in golf…

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