A Holy Week Reflection…

It seems at times – if you read the paper like I do – that the world is going more and more mad, and that in response more and more people are not only turning their backs on God, but being actively hostile towards God.  I always hesitate to play the “world is going to pot” card, because there’s perception and there’s reality.  In the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, it had to seem to Tom Hanks and his men that the beach-storming was not going well, although to Eisenhower it was a smashing success.  To Normans living on the coast during the 1200s, the appearance of a Viking ship on the horizon was like Armageddon.  So to me – essentially unemployed for almost three years – amid tsunamis, serial killers, militant atheists, $3.75 a gallon gas, and Donald Trump’s hair, it’s still not time to trot out the “World Ends Tomorrow” sandwich sign.  Nonetheless, as Christians it is one of our core beliefs that the world is indeed going to go to pot before Jesus returns in glory.  So my “perception and reality” thesis cuts both ways:  it could very well be going down the toilet, and an especially nice dinner at Applebees doesn’t mean that it’s not.  We need to be like the “wise virgins” of the Gospel, with plenty of oil for our lamps.

A friend sent me this, and is sending me a booklet on the Our Lady of America messages, a series of private apparitions to
Sister Mildred Mary Neuliz. One particularly chilling message that Jesus spoke to Sister Neuliz on July 11, 1954 I’d like to share, because it fits my mood.

“My daughter, I am not loved in the homes of men. And because  am not loved, the Divine Trinity refuses to dwell therein.

“Children are not taught to love Me, because those who have charge over them have no time or patience to do so.

“My Heart grieves over My children in the world. Their hearts are being drawn farther and farther away from Me. They will not even listen to My Mother, because the have never been taught to listen.

“I am a Beggar for love, but how few give to Me the means by which to satisfy My divine hunger. I hunger for the love of My own, and I receive only crumbs no other would accept.

“My Father is angry. If my children will not listen to My Heart, which is a Voice of mercy and instruction, punishment will come swiftly and none shall be able to stay it. The pleadings of My Heart have held back the divine justice about to descend on an ungrateful and sinful generation.

“Woe to parents who set a bad example to their children! Terrible will be their judgement. I will demand a strict account of every soul entrusted to their care.

“Woe to parents who teach their children how to gain materially in this world and neglect to prepare them for the next!

“Woe to children who disobey and show disrespect towards their parents!

“Honor they Father and thy Mother’. On this shall they be judged most severely.”

A happy and blessed Holy Week everyone!

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