That Does Not Compute

Friday’s headline in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was “Markets Crumble”.  The stock prices of the Famous Amos and Mrs. Fields companies were particularly hard hit.  But that aside, I found the following statement in the article extraordinary:

One sign of jitters: The yield on the one-month Treasury bill fell into negative territory Thursday.  That meant lenders would, in effect, pay the U.S. government to hold their cash. Market participants said the falling Treasury yields show that investors still regard U.S. debt as the safest place for their money.

Really?  In the wake of all that’s gone on in the debt ceiling debate, really?  Wow.  I’m thinking of opening up a financial concern called “Tom’s Mattress”, which would give jittery investors a better return than Treasury obligations.  And it would be safe, because my Daschund mix Wally would be guarding it.  What’s not to like?

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One Comment on “That Does Not Compute”

  1. Tom Biehl Says:


    May I get a deposit slip? Both of my dollars will be much safer in the Tom Walker Matress Depository than in the security of the US Government under it’s current management.

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