Mayor Bloomberg and the Ground Zero Commemoration Today

To paraphrase Otter from “Animal House”, I’m on a roll, don’t stop me.

I have to put in my two cents-worth on Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to have no religious element to today’s Ground Zero ceremonies, and also no first-responder representation.  First off, I don’t know the inner heart and mind of Mayor Bloomberg, so perhaps I’m wrong here.  Having representatives of the major religions – an imam, a rabbi, a Roman Catholic priest, and a Protestant minister or two on the dais – and having them draw straws to see who gets to give an invocation, how does that draw attention away from the 9-11 families?  We have we become so pusillanimous in spirit that we care if Wiccans, Druids, Scientologists, and atheists get their noses bent out of shape because they aren’t represented?  And what’s with barring representatives of the firefighters, police, and other first responders: are they not part of the 9-11 family, as many of them gave their lives for their brothers and sisters?

Are we in a battle for the soul of our country?  I believe it is worth our time to ask the question.

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