A Thought (Just Sharin’)

And don’t call me Sharon.

I listened to Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s 2-hour Town Hall on Sirius’ The Catholic Channel last night.  TCD – if you are not familiar with him – IMHO is imbued with the theological gift of joy.  He is a  great face for American Catholicism.  When someone asked him about the sports jacket he brought, and expressed relief that it was Yankee blue, TCD replied all he cared about that it was 3X, followed by his signature hearty bellowing laugh.  But behind this Falstaffian persona is a tremendous intellect and a Lion for the Church.

I enjoyed the Town Hall, but I was disappointed that there weren’t questions of a weightier nature; e.g. the HHS Mandate never came up.  One lady even asked him if he was gelato, what flavor of gelato would he be?  Would someone ask President Obama if he were Ben and Jerry’s, what flavor would he be?  (the potential answers: Socialistic Cinnamon Crunch, Ramadan Raspberry, or Birther Berries & Cream).

When asked would there ever be an American Pope, he replied that he thought there would be, but not in the immediate future.  He explained that the world views the Pope as something of a referee in international affairs, and a Pope from one of the superpowers would have to deal with doubts regarding his impartiality.  Thus I predict (The Holy Spirit and I have kicked this around in our monthly conference call) that the next Pope will be either Asian or African: these countries are where the Spirit is most alive today and the Church is most growing; no coincidence I think that these countries are where Christians are the most oppressed.  I would lean towards Africa, because the Chinese and Vietnamese Catholics in prison would have their rice rations halved if a Pope was chosen from their country.  Adding to this leaning is every Mass I’ve attended celebrated by an African priest, that priest is burning with a love for Jesus.  I can’t always understand their homilies, but they radiate a joy and fervor that’s tough for doughy Europeans to match.

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