Picked a Bad Week to Stop Sniffing Glue

Maybe I need to go on a “media fast”.  It started last week with Joe Biden and the President coming “out of the closet” for same-sex unions – I don’t say “marriage” because there is not now or ever will be such thing as same-sex marriage.  You can call it what you want, but it is not marriage.  Marriage is a sacrament instituted by God for the purpose of raising and educating children.  Then I happened to catch some of “The View” where noted intellectuals Howard Stern and Joy Behar made it plain that if you were not for these unions, you were either a bigot or an idiot or both – no debate necessary.  Ms. Behar further went on to praise President Obama for speaking out – “Finally, a politician who has the courage to stand for something!”  Interestingly, some criticism has been directed at the President for not taking a firm enough stand.  Comes with the job, I guess.  And my apologies to all of Ms. Behar’s fans, but every time she opens her mouth, I am reminded of this exchange at a formal dinner in London many years ago:

Lady Astor: Sir Winston, if you were my husband I’d poison your tea!

Winston Churchill: And you dear lady, if you were my wife, I’d gladly drink it.

The curious thing about this issue is you can take religion out of it, and find a number of credentialed individuals in a variety of disciplines – history, sociology, medicine – who can reasonably debate that these unions are to the detriment of society.  But let’s not get caught up in such debate: I guess I’ll just accept the “intolerant” label and move on.

Last Thursday I heard Robert Zubrin interviewed for an hour on Catholic radio about his book “Merchants of Despair: Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists, and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism”.  If you don’t know what anti-humanism is, it’s the valve-cleaning additive added to the gas that powers the engine of the Culture of Death.  For example, it’s what makes a snail darter in some river more important that all the farmers downstream.  It’s a cherished belief of many influential and powerful people that human beings are blight upon the earth, and the fewer there are the happier we (and the environment) will be.  Of course no anti-humanist believes the world would be a better place if he or she hadn’t been born, mainly because that would be one less person carrying the vital banner of anti-humanism.  Not widely known is that our government buys in to this, and ties aid to Third World countries to sterilization quotas.  The architects of anti-humanism (Malthus, Darwin, Marx, Sanger) would probably smile warmly at how nicely modern culture is evolving, and the flexibility of their ideas.  Of course nobody today would spout the slogans of eugenics movement of the 1920s, but they have been retooled with Orwellian cunning and refitted under the name of environmentalism. Amazing, and depressing.

Finally, I heard this nugget of joy, which ties in nicely with the anti-humanism theme: many of the aborted fetuses in China end up powdered and in capsules.  Taking them is touted as an aid to sexual performance.  So let’s have better sex so we can kill more babies which will lead to better sex – everybody Wang Chung tonight!  Jesus Christ have mercy on us all.

I always wondered how the Great War in Heaven went down.  I was educated recently that many if not most theologians believe that the angels were created with everything they needed to make a decision, so at the moment on their creation they accepted or they rebelled.  Lucifer came out of the womb of eternity crying out “It’s all about ME!”  And that’s what it’s coming down to, conflict between the “all about me” people and the “not all about me” people.  For the former life is a zero-sum game: the more people using gasoline, the less there is for ME!  The more people and the more demand there is for cable, the more expensive it is for ME!  The more people there are in India, the less corn there is in Iowa for ME!  And you sir are either with ME or against ME!

But there is good news: I aerated my lawn Saturday, and it’s looking great.  When I’m dragged before whatever passes for the Sanhedrin today, at least I got that going for me….do you?

God bless.

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