Maybe You Should Just Move On…

I thought this was an interesting article, talking about the 7 signs that say maybe you shouldn’t accept the job:

As a very experienced job seeker myself, I have my own “top 10” list of danger signs that maybe you should keep looking…

10. While you are waiting in the reception area, the receptionist gives you a warm smile and asks you if you’d like coffee or water.  You reply that coffee would be great, and she just as warmly replies “Go to Hell!”

9. It’s an IT job you are interviewing for and the reception area is stocked with “Computerworld” and “Off Road Trucker” magazines from the early ‘90s.

8. The rest room has one of those “If you sprinkle when you tinkle…” signs.

7. The interviewer shakes your hand and happens to be palming a joy buzzer.

6. The first question is “Tell me about yourself, and please include the graphic details of your sexual life.”

5.  You have to excuse yourself mid-interview to put more change in the parking meter.

4.  The interviewer continues noshing on a Subway through the interview, and a one point extends it to you saying “These meatball subs are killer.  Here, take a bite.”

3.  Your last question is “When do you think you will be making a decision?” and the answer is a shrug and “Shit, beats the hell out of me. Why do you ask?”

2.  Your car has been booted in their parking garage.

And the #1 danger sign you might want to keep looking…

1.  A follow-up call to their HR department rings twice and then a cold, officious automated voice informs you the number you dialed is no longer a working number.

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