Back On The Bus, Political Thoughts

After a 9-month gig in Birmingham subcontracting, I’m back on the unemployment bus.  As an empty nester, it was a pretty sweet deal: gone four days, home three.  While I was away I wasn’t doing things to irritate my beloved – like leaving toilet seats up and wearing my New Balances in the house – so when I came home she was glad to see me.   That of course led to many candlelit dinners, walks in the warm summer rain, and viewings of “The Notebook” while wearing our baggy sweats and sipping Michelob Ultra Lite Dragonfruit.  Good times, good times.  They may call us back, but I can’t just wait breathless by the phone: if you know anybody that’s looking to fill positions I’m highly qualified for – like roll-on deodorant tester or undercover mall cop – please ping me back.

There’s a lot to reflect on since I last got leftover pizza from the break room back in May of 2008.  I keep hearing about all the roads and bridges that are going to be worked on, but I’m not sure I could make it through a day of the hot Georgia sun even if all I was doing was manning the STOP/GO sign.  A big objection it seems to hiring people over 50 is “as soon as the economy picks up, you’ll leave for a better job.”  This strikes me as ludicrous reasoning in the face of the current wisdom that the average college graduate today will change careers 13 times before retiring (?!)  And a noted boomer trait is loyalty: if I was in a relatively friendly work environment, made enough money that I didn’t have to check Publix’s dumpster for edibles on my way home, and my boss didn’t say more than once or twice a month “Walker, come on into my office and kiss my ass!” – why would I want to leave that little slice of heaven?

Well, for quite some time we felt even though the President was finding the economy a little tough to tame, he had foreign policy covered, using drones to turn Taliban into towel-less heads, and making bin Laden a ghost.  But recent events have left me much less sanguine on that score, especially since I may have a child deployed to Israel soon.  I don’t think Reagan would have maintained Obama’s level of cool if our Libyan ambassador had been dragged through the streets, sodomized, and murdered; or he and his administration going on and on about a reprehensible video.  And as I speak Ahmadinejad and his entourage is mooning the rest of the United Nations, sort of like those Scots in “Braveheart”.  I think with Reagan in charge the “Top Gun” guys and the SEALs would probably have had the virgin unemployment rate in Paradise much lower by now.  But what do I know?  That same aforementioned son chastened me as we talked on the phone, reminding me that “violence just breeds more violence.”  Hmmm, stow the Kumbaya son – just do what it takes to keep oil prices down, and Walmarts increasing in number.

Our current President is smart, cool, telegenic – and his spouse is equally so.  He’s a graduate of the political Cobra Kai dojo: Chicago brass-knuckle “No Mercy!” politics.  His opponent is a steely-eyed but sometimes vaguely goofy Mormon who drinks his 2% milk shaken, not stirred.   The debates should be fascinating.  But I’m a little concerned about an electorate that is more passionate about the NFL referee situation than what’s going on in the Middle East.  But maybe I’m being unfair: not a lot the average citizen can do about the Middle East, but he or she can dress up like a character from “The Road Warrior”, sit in the stands at Oakland, and throw an empty liquor bottle at a scab football referee after the inevitable horrible call.  It could be all a question of how much personal impact people think they can have.  Nonetheless, I encourage all seven of my readers to vote early, and to vote often.  As Thomas Jefferson said “The Tree of Liberty needs oft refreshed with a good mulching.”

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One Comment on “Back On The Bus, Political Thoughts”

  1. stan Says:

    Once again brilliantly funny!

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