The People Have Spoken

My son and I did a 4,000 square-foot home in tony Lake Nona Tuesday – with what seemed like acres of glass – so I only managed to stay up until 10 PM watching election coverage, and all the swing states were still in play.  Up at 4:30 the next morning, I had to go to my car and turn on the radio to avoid waking everyone, to get the election results.  As a Catholic and an unemployed guy, it was a double punch in the gut.  The business world showed its enthusiasm yesterday as the Dow tanked over 300 points: does not feel like it will be raining jobs after all.

My last helping action was to sub for Andrew at the BNI (Business Networking International) meeting, and immediately afterwards I hit the road for home.  The next 8 hours was a fascinating day of listening to EWTN Radio, and all the different call-in shows.  Even the psychologist Ray Guarendi “Doctor Is In” show – which is devoted to personal and family issues – people wanted to talk about the election.  Over the course of the day I heard a wide spectrum of emotional reactions; e.g. one caller was angry and blamed it on Timothy Cardinal Dolan for not disinviting President Obama to the Al Smith Dinner, and for generally not taking a more evident anti-Obama stance.  A number of callers over the course of the day were blue and questioned “God’s will”.  Many were down about their inability to persuade their families to vote for Romney.  One caller – an Evangelical – accused the Catholic Church of hypocrisy for favoring a Mormon, Mormonism being a “cult” totally devoid of the Holy Spirit.  Doctor Guarendi countered that we (Catholics) just can’t support someone who believes it is okay to crush a baby’s skull right before it is born as long as it hasn’t emerged from the birth canal…sorry, not PC to describe it that way, even though it’s true; Catholics can’t support someone who supports “reproductive rights”.

Interesting article in today Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Dawn brings fear rather than promise for many Georgia voters”:

Steve Ramey rolled out of bed Wednesday, downed a cup of coffee, and banged out an email affirming his “determination and resolve not to let the election of Obama destroy this nation.” Then he mailed it to 800 people. “We must and will do all we can to save our Home,” he vowed to them.

If Mitt Romney had won, it might well have been Kate Thompson sending out anguished emails. As she awaited the results Tuesday afternoon, Thompson outlined her forebodings in an email to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “A ‘President Romney’ makes my head swim in nightmarish visions of a Handmaid’s tale-like existence in which I am only worth one fertile egg a month,” she wrote. The imagery comes from a novel in which some women are subjugated and forced to bear children. If Romney were to win, Thompson wrote “then my barriers to a happy life increase tenfold.”

Ramey, 63, an ex-Marine from Lilburn who heads the Founding Fathers Tea Party Patriots, and Thompson, 23, a recent Agnes Scott College graduate from Decatur, reflect the depth of the divide that marked this election.

Fear, one of the Devil’s favorite tools in his utility belt, the handle being very well-worn.

I learned something about “God’s will”, that there is actually two wills: God’s “sovereign will” (“Feels like a good day to create the universe”) and God’s “permissive will” (“That Obama – tsk tsk – but I gave man free will so I’m not going to drop a piano on him.”)  Perseverance is tough when you pray hard for something that seems so worthy and “God’s will” does not turn out the way it seems like it should to us.  We take all the good things in stride (“Look, Chick Fil-A gave me an extra sandwich for free!”) and piss and moan at the setbacks (“Dammit God, will You not make Wendy’s get my drive-through order right just one time?!  Is that TOO much to ask?”).

The pithiest thing I heard all day was from Catholic apologist Patrick Madrid, responding to one despondent caller.  We are in the world but not of the world; life is a test of our worthiness for Heaven, and tests have challenges.  If everything went the way we wanted it to, there would be no opportunities to prove our fidelity to Christ and how much we it meant to us to be with Him one day.  Jesus said He came to bring division.  It looks like opportunities are looming for Catholics and other Christians to take a stand with either the world, the flesh, the Devil, or with Christ.  I see that as good news.

I encourage everyone to pray for our President and our leadership in Washington, even if you see some of them as enemies.  “Pray for your enemies” – Jesus did and that’s what He wants us to do.

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