Eureka! Definitive Proof…

…that men and women are different.  There are those who claim there are no differences – e.g. they should be allowed to do house-to-house kick-in-the-door hunts for the Taliban just like men.  And there are those who point to Genesis – like Jesus to the Pharisees – that male and female God created them.  But what I present in the next paragraph, consider the issue settled on the “yes, they’re different” side of the fence.

My wife’s Valentine’s Day card to me is tastefully, artfully decorated, with a theme of shared family life that contains sentiments such as “I love being your partner, your lover, your wife.”  My card to her has a cartoon squirrel on the front proclaiming “Alas my love, I am a nut…”  It concludes inside with “About you and your really cute butt.”

Case closed.  Book ’em, Dan-O.

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2 Comments on “Eureka! Definitive Proof…”

  1. Stan Sikorski Says:

    See I told you! Gus Lloyd would never come up with this shit! Stan P.S. We’re on vacation and using a common computer and OUTLOOK. I sometimes forget to add in the SENDEE and it defaults to HRM. _____

  2. I admit Gus isn’t warped the way I am. I hope you all are having a great time!

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