Hey There Tally Man, Tally Me Bananas!

An interesting turn in my search-for-work journey:  I started a contract job doing software testing.  I’m getting paid via W2 by the contracting company, no benefits.  If you have “muscles” you develop working in an office environment, then mine are flabby.  I guess I got into a routine as an unemployed person, and getting out of that routine is an adjustment.  The most challenging thing so far is the other contractor that started with me, they put us in the same cubicle.  When one of us has to get up for some reason, we have to play “chair-o-nomics”.  Friday I hit my funny bone on the back of his chair, and that wasn’t funny.  You’d think a $10 billion company could give us each our own space, but I’m just grateful for the opportunity.  Besides, I had met with the department director the week before I started, and he warned me he didn’t want to hear any complaints about anything.  So starting this job during Lent was well-timed, offering me a great situation to work on my patience and humility.  I passed my first really big test Friday, as the “cupcakes in the break room for the February birthday celebration” email went out, and I was able to resist.  I’ve lost 17 pounds, mostly by avoiding wheat, so I do want to keep that going.   The department is 75% Indian, so I have high hopes of finding a good source of Tandoori chicken near the office.  I love Indian food, but my wife won’t come within 5 feet of me for two days after I indulge.  Sorry dear, sometimes you have to take one for the team.

Friends have been asking me is this gig going to last, am I going to keep looking, etc.?  I don’t know; I’m just focusing on trying to be as good as I can at what they want me to do, and learn as much as I can.  My CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) will be renewed as soon as I pay ISC2 my annual maintenance fee.  It would be cool to really break into information security, as it is an intellectually stimulating field.  I do have a couple of special resumes ready: if Roger Goodell steps down as NFL commissioner, or the Hawaiian Tropic girls need an “oil boy” for their world tour…

Changing the subject, the Church is in the forefront of the news with the Pope renouncing the Chair of Peter.  I am amused by some of the secular commentary, but dismayed by fellow Catholics who poorly understand ecclesial authority.  I’m talking about the ones that are crossing their fingers that the new Pope will approve the ordination of women to the priesthood; back off on abortion and contraception; say homosexual marriage is cool.  Sorry my friends, it’s not going to happen.  “Rome has spoken” on these issues; a Pope might as well just as say sunrise will now be called “dusk” and sunset “dawn”.  The Pope is not like a CEO: he does not have the power to change dogmatically settled issues.  Bless their hearts, I wish they would get on board the Catholic train and settle in for the ride, or find a religion that they are comfortable with, like Unitarianism or the worship of Baal.  I know they think they are working to “improve” the Church, but I think they would be better served to trust Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Who’s my “Pope pick?”  Timothy Cardinal Dolan is a St. Louis Cardinals fan, likes beer, and knows a good buffet when he sees one – what’s not to like?  But I heard him asked the question on “Good Morning America” if he could be picked, and his response was “I thought I was on ‘Good Morning America’, not the ‘Comedy Channel’?”  I heard him interviewed about a year ago, and he said the Pope is viewed as something of a referee in world affairs, and an American Pope would not be viewed as impartial, America being a superpower an all.  The good news is the President and the Congress are working hard to change that, so we might have an American Pope sooner than we think.  (ba-da-BING!)  I think am African or South American Pope would be really cool, but the Holy Spirit will decide.

Finally, Vaya con Dios Pope Emeritus Benedict VXI.  What a loving, holy man who shepherded the Church for 8 years – we were blessed to have him!

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