Spring Bunny, My Butt….

Wow, a lot going on.  North Korea, our economy, the culture wars.  So many pithy things to comment on, so little time.  One of the things I did for Lent was go on a media fast: no TV news shows, no reading the paper, etc.  The idea was that would free up more time for Scripture, religious shows on EWTN, and reflection.  So I tried to watch “The O’Reilly Factor” last week after Easter Sunday, and I ended up fast-forwarding through almost all of it.  It struck me as a lot of blather about stuff I have no control over, stuff I can’t influence.  I can let somebody induce me to become indignant about a picture of Jesus being removed from a classroom in Ohio, or I can choose not to.  What impact would my indignation have on a bunch of boneheads 700 miles away anyway?  Or if President Obama wants to throw a $500K party during the sequester, does he, his minions, or his opponents too care a whit about what I think about it?  I’m thinking no.  As Christians we are called to recognize this world is not our home, and I’m hoping I’m moving in that direction.  I flabbergasted one of the other contractors here who wanted to talk about the Louisville-Michigan game, and I told him I didn’t watch it.  He truly was at a loss for words.  I was a basketball nut: what happened?  I think if you let Christ in, He wants the whole enchilada.  I am fighting Him though, still clinging to the Cleveland Browns, Peanut M&Ms, and a manicured lawn.  C’mon Jesus, work with me here.

I got to spend a little face-time with my grandson in Orlando this past weekend.  He was baptized during the vigil of Divine Mercy Sunday.  He’s a beautiful, happy 5 month-old  surrounded by love – except for the cat, who ignores him….and that’s a good thing.  Once he’s ambulatory and chasing after Luna going “Pretty kee-kat!” stitches may be in his future.  The e-Trade baby with an eye-patch?  Probably impacts his Madison Avenue appeal.  But he’s definitely a BAB (Big-Ass Baby).  I can’t wait until he’s out there on the court and on the playing field, driving his enemies before him, burning their baby dolls and savoring the lamentations of their parents.  And I’ll have entered my “cute old man” phase by then, which means I can shake my cane and yell at the referees with impunity, because you really can’t toss a cute old man.  It’s sort of like being a Canadian.

The greatest thing about grandchildren to me is it’s a second chance to maybe do some things right with them that you wish you’d done with your children.  Not that my boys are various creeps from “Death Wish 3”, but I do wish I had some do-overs on a few things, like teaching them the beauty of prayer.  Sadly I didn’t discover it myself until the last few years, having had to be dropped on my head via unemployment to wake me up.  But that’s the beauty of Christianity: “Neither do I condemn you.  Go and sin no more.”  Every day is a new chance to do better, under the smiling gaze of a Father who loves us unconditionally.

Powerful words from today’s first reading at Mass, from Acts.  Peter and companions are getting the full Moe Howard treatment from the Sanhedrin, i.e. “Didn’t we tell you chowderheads to stop preaching that Name?”, and Peter replies “We must obey God, not men.”  One could reflect for many long hours on that simple, yet impactful response.  A great verse to include in that reflection is Luke 10:16 “Whoever listens to you listens to me. Whoever rejects you rejects me. And whoever rejects me rejects the one who sent me.”  Jesus has a way of cutting to the chase: I encourage fellow Catholics wrestling with issue of Church authority – e.g. “Why did Pope Francis wash the feet of two women, one a Muslim to boot!” – to ponder long on those statements.

Have a blessed Easter!

P.S.  I obtained a permanent job, the first one in almost 5 years.  I start Monday.  I get my own cubicle and if there are donuts in the break room, I can have one.  It’s now 11,999,999 Americans looking for work, not 12 million.  If some Republican says it’s 12 million, you know he or she is a scurrilous liar.  Capitalism rocks!

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2 Comments on “Spring Bunny, My Butt….”

  1. gene mckay Says:


    I thought you had a job already – the one where the boss insults you at 1st to establish dominance ????


    • Today was the last day of that one. Their private cloud’s been down the last two weeks, so I spent those two weeks doing A+ training videos and watching skateboarding kitties on YouTube.

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