I’m baaaack…

…as Randy Quaid’s character in “Independence Day” said.  The only thing worse would be the real Randy Quaid showing up on your doorstep and saying that.  But I digress…

Hello dear friends,

Something that practically came to a halt was this blog, when back in 2014 I actually got a job – first as a contractor, then as an employee.  This was for two reasons: when you blog about being unemployed, and then you’re not, kind of puts a thematic kibosh on you.  The second reason was after sitting in front of a computer all day, it tends to dull the enthusiasm for coming home and sitting down in front of another one most of the evening – hey there are DVRd episodes of Dr. Phil and “The View” to watch.  Then when I got Guillain-Barre Syndrome back in late April, and my hands were little good for much more than clubbing myself in the face when I had a V8 moment, and that really put the hammer down.  But a couple things have come together, and the itch has returned.

First, I have twinkly fingers again.  I’m still not the Liberace of the computer keyboard I used to be, but I’m not Mordecai “Three Fingers” Brown either (obscure baseball reference).  And a couple of things have entered into my faith life.  If you are a parishioner of St. Monica’s in Duluth, GA, you immediately are in the know when I say “Ablaze” and Perpetual Adoration.  But for the Druids, Zoroastrians, and North Koreans that follow me faithfully, Tom you got some ‘splaining to do.

We have a Sunday morning spiritual program between Masses called “Ablaze”.  In a nutshell it is an continuing education and exhortation to improve one’s prayer life, which naturally improves one’s spiritual life.  Our pastor has suggested a daily 30-minute program that is divided thus 10 minutes of prayer and reflection on Scripture; 10 minutes of journaling one’s reflection on a particular Scripture passage; 10 minutes of journaling on “God’s answer” to your reflection.  I’ve been giving it a go, and have found it a profound exercise, especially in the presence of the Holy Eucharist in Adoration.  Takes me more like 40 minutes.  The promptings of the Holy Spirit (Satan maybe? Hope not) are to make these reflections public.  I’m a little nervous about “God’s answer”, that I’m insinuating God is “talking” to me, but He is talking to me (and us) through His Word.  This issue is whether I’m (and we) are getting the intended message or not.

Today is my grandson’s 3rd birthday.  Grandma is down in Florida for the celebration, but I had to work.  Little Julius loves the Cleveland Browns hat Grandpa gave him for his birthday, although his father the Jets fan is scheming on how to destroy it (“Awww Julius, it just caught on fire – that happens sometimes.  Maybe Grandpa will get you another one.”).  I think of the innocent tyke, and fear of what kind of America he is inheriting.  I shared with some this week a link to an article that a young actress/comedienne named Lena Dunham was going to Halloween parties as an abortionist.  She was feting herself in social media about it.  I went a little John Boehner in Adoration this morning reflecting on Christ’s infinite burning Heart of Love for each and every human being, and how most of us break that Heart through our indifference or outright hatred and insult.  Mixing this in with reflecting on the words of “America the Beautiful” (which should be our national anthem IMHO) and some of the things going on that are less than beautiful made me tear up.  Hard to believe this walnut-like shell has a gooey center, but there you go.  Without further ado…

Jeremiah 43-45; Hebrews 1

MY REFLECTION: The people call on Jeremiah to tell them what God’s message is, and when they don’t hear what they want to hear, they call him a liar and reject the message, which is to trust God and stay in Judah in the face of an impending Babylonian invasion, not to go to Egypt.  Two thoughts: one, how often do I react poorly when I hear what I don’t really want to hear?, and two, how often do I tell someone what they want to hear because it is the easy thing to do, instead of the uncomfortable thing they need to hear?

GOD’S ANSWER: My grace is sufficient unto you.  Like Jeremiah, you must speak My truth.  But always speak the truth in love.  Pray always for the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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