Baruch 1-3; Hebrews 6

Hebrews 6:18 “…to which it is impossible for God to lie,”

MY REFLECTION: A paradox at first glance, for with God all things are possible we say.  Yet God – who is Truth – cannot contradict his immutable character.  We say in the Act of Faith that God cannot deceive or be deceived.

GOD’S ANSWER: My Truth anchors the universe.  How could I – very Being itself – be anything but Truth?  My Son became incarnate so you could know this Truth.  Listen to him in all things!

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2 Comments on “Baruch 1-3; Hebrews 6”

  1. Sean Flanagan Says:

    Seems a conundrum: all-powerful God cannot {fill in the blank}. Yet we KNOW that there are things God cannot do, such as lie.

    Reflecting on constraints such as this has caused me some considerable difficulty saying the Pater in the traditional form we are taught, “… and lead us not into temptation…” Can’t happen; God cannot lead us into temptation, and when I try to follow along during Mass, it makes me anticipate a lightning bolt for suggesting that He might do it.

  2. I have heard similar questions about “lead us not into temptation” on Catholic Answers Live. No, God would not lead us into temptation. My understanding is “lead us not” is an imperfect translation from the original Greek that is meant to mean “protect us from”.

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