Baruch 4-6; Hebrews 7

In Baruch 6, Jeremiah’s (Baruch was Jeremiah’s “secretary”) letter to the captives in Babylon, is a long exhortation not to follow the idolatrous practices of the Babylonians, to remain faithful to the true God. The letter mocks the making of these of these gods of stone and wood, and the priests who serve them.  Jeremiah combines cold logic with biting sarcasm in his screed (a man after my own heart).  We smile condescendingly at these ancient goofballs, but we are just as idolatrous today: go to any health club and view the worship services there.  Anything that we love more than God – sex, guns, money, peanut M & Ms – is idolatry.

GOD’S ANSWER: Modern man pays lip service to Me – if they profess belief in Me at all – and love the things of this world much more than me.  As Val Kilmer said in “Tombstone”, there’s going to be a reckoning…love that movie LOVL! (Laugh Out Very Loud, I am God after all).

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