Cry Havoc

A departure from my recent format…

A new, sad era has dawned.  I heard Peggy Noonan talking about what happened in Paris last night, and I thought she nailed it: a new statement has been made, and it is “We are coming to get you.”  I shudder because you just know meetings have been held about Rome, and about the Pope specifically.  It would be every jihadi’s dream to decapitate Pope Francis and have the video posted on social media.  I do have great faith in the Swiss: those are baaaad dudes, and I mean bad in a good way.  I know a lot of people are amused by the quaint uniforms, but the really baaaad dudes are in dark suits and sunglasses with those buds in their ears.

Many of my fellow Catholics hear “Turn the other cheek” and think we should be all about pacifism, but what Christ really meant is maintaining fortitude in the face of injustice.  I invite those so confused to read what the Catechism says about just war.  Turning these folks into toasty-roasties and creating a virgin-shortage in Paradise is justified in the name of self-defense, but hating them is never justified.  If you saw “Saving Private Ryan”, American soldiers shooting back at German soldiers as they stormed Normandy Beach and killing them was no sin, but executing them with a pistol as they stood exposed with their hands in the air trying to surrender was the gravest of sins.  So please pray for the victims of the jihad and their families, and pray for the jihadis themselves, that they convert and come to know their only true friend in this world, Jesus Christ.  But in the meantime – as Val Kilmer said so eloquently in “Tombstone” – there’s going to be a reckoning.

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2 Comments on “Cry Havoc”

  1. rthur2sheds Says:

    they need to be rooted out and systematically destroyed

    • When you see videos of these bozos having their parades and doing their training camps in broad daylight, how much “rooting out” really needs to be done? We have this thing called “satellite technology”; Google Earth uses it. Just saying.

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