Ezekiel 46-48; Peter 5

I want to primarily reflect on Peter 5:8, but I briefly mention Ezekiel 47, the “wonderful stream”.  It is one of my favorite passages of Scripture (47, 1-12).  Some of my happiest childhood memories were going fishing.  The wonderful stream as described by Ezekiel sounds like a little bit of Heaven to me.  Maybe C. S. Lewis, G. K. Chesterton and I can sit on its bank with our feet in the water and pass many an eternal day.

Peter 5:8 is the famous Scripture where Peter warns us the devil prowls the world like a roaring lion, looking for souls to devour.  What a powerful image!  I met an educated and accomplished Catholic at a retreat who told me in no uncertain terms that the devil was something made up by old men to scare people, that a God of Love would not allow such an evil being to have influence in the world.  The Act of Faith speaks of the truth God has revealed, that He neither deceives nor can be deceived.  Jesus in the Gospels had a personal relationship with Satan, and certainly believed in the existence of his minions.  I am confident Satan relishes those “Oh crap, you ARE real!” moments upon meeting souls who formerly did not believe he existed.  Not a good way to begin eternity.

GOD’S ANSWER.  Yes, he’s real.  It is sad that My enduring love for him scalds him like fire.  Trust Me, you don’t want to meet him.  But the choice is totally yours.  Know that as for him there is no forgiveness, there is no forgiveness for man after death.

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One Comment on “Ezekiel 46-48; Peter 5”

  1. Stan Sikorski Says:

    Nicely put. There is no forgiveness after death.

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