Daniel 1-3; 2 Peter 1

2 Peter 1, 20-21 “Know this first of all, that there is no prophecy of scripture that is a matter of personal interpretation, for no prophecy ever came of human will; but rather human beings moved by the holy Spirit spoke under the influence of God.”  I am moved by this passage to share Saint Pope John Paul II’s daily morning prayer:

Holy Spirit I ask you

  • for the gift of Wisdom, that I may better know Your divine perfections
  • for the gift of Understanding that I may more clearly know the mysteries of the holy Faith
  • for the gift of Counsel that I may live according to the principles of this Faith
  • for the gift of Knowledge that I may seek Counsel in You and always find it in You
  • for the gift of Fortitude that no fear or earthly preoccupations ever separate me from You
  • for the gift of Piety that I may serve Your Majesty with a filial love
  • for the gift of the fear of the Lord that I may dread sin which offends you O my God.

O Jesus, let my only desire be in these pathetic scribblings is to bring myself and any readers closer to a perfect love of You!

GOD’S ANSWER:  Would that every person desire the Love I wish to share.  Indifference and rejection so gravely wounds My Son’s Sacred Heart, more grievously than the nails that held Him to the Cross.

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