Daniel 7-9; 2 Peter 3 (and a word from our sponsors)

Allow me a little venting in the wake of the San Bernardino murders (murders, not “tragedy”) that I hope is edifying, besides making me feel better.  An Islamic scholar of high reputation (if I was a journalist and not a lazy blogger, I’d go back and look up his name) recently wrote that there are only two things one needs to be a Muslim: 1) the belief that Allah is God, and 2) Mohammed is His Prophet.  That’s it.  Whether you behead people you consider infidels or apostates, or whether feeding the pigeons in the park is the most violent thing you do – if you adhere to the two previously mentioned beliefs, you are a Muslim.  So please, enough of the “those aren’t real Muslims” jibber jabber.  They are.  Just like those swamp-dwelling snake handlers are real Christians.  They are off-their-nut, deluded, more-chlorine-is-needed-in-their-gene-pool Christians, but they ARE Christians. So ISIS is comprised of off-their-nut, deluded, more-chlorine-is-needed-in-their-gene-pool Muslims, but they ARE Muslims.  Actually, many are degenerate but quite rational criminals who have found a happy home.  So please, stop saying they aren’t real Muslims; you all know who you are.  No, all religions AREN’T equal.  But that is another screed for another time.

2 Peter 3:8 “…with the Lord one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like one day.”  God is outside of time; I have heard and read that time is actually a creature of God.  C. S. Lewis has a chapter on time in “Mere Christianity”, which he begins by saying it is okay to skip if you can’t get your head around the subject.  I get a little dizzy myself when I think the Permian mass extinction  of approximately 275 million years ago is just as immediate to God as I am as I write this.  As a matter of fact, as I put the period to that last sentence, I emitted a Keanu Reeves-worthy “Woah”.

GOD’S ANSWER: It is good to be Me, and you are not Me.  Take Lewis’ advice: don’t get hung up on time and eternity.  Just focus on what you need to do to spend it with Me, and trust Me, it will be awesome.



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