Hosea 1-3; 1 John 3

1 John 3:13 “Do not be amazed [then] brothers, if the world hates you.”  I am greatly amazed at times by the world’s hatred for Christians.  We of course are far from perfect, but I think it is fair to say in the main we are good citizens.  In the West – where the hatred seldom takes the form of beheadings or being hacked to death with machetes – there is great delight taken when Christians fail.  The word “hypocrite” is freely used.  Mockery is rampant.  In some other parts of the world violence is the norm.  Violence takes a lot of energy, and it astonishes me how it can get ginned up against people who profess to “love their neighbor as themselves”.

GOD’S ANSWER: My Son was hated, so you will be because of His Good News if you share it.  Satan is a jerk to be kind, and when you answer great hatred with great love it really frosts his shorts, and he will seek payback.  So rejoice when people reject you, slander you, and don’t invite you to their Super Bowl parties, for great will be your reward in Heaven.

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