Hosea 10-14; 2 John

2 John: 9 “Anyone who is so “progressive” as not to remain in the teaching of the Christ does not have God; whoever remains in the teaching has the Father and the Son.”  While John was still alive we see the emergence of gnostic beliefs combined with Christian ones.  There are many “strains” of Gnosticism, but the main threads running through it is the belief that matter is evil and spirit is good, and that salvation is attained through the acquisition of secret knowledge.  The “progressives” John referred to was not the Democratic Party (Nancy Pelosi was just a toddler then), but Christians who held that acknowledgement of the Incarnation was just the first step to coming to know the true “spiritual” Jesus.  We can see through history and to today the human persistence in rallying to someone claiming to know a true, formerly secret way.  A lighthearted example is the millions Americans spend every year on “weight loss secrets” that promise “you’ll never go hungry!” and “no stinky exercise is necessary!”  while the Church of Eat Less and Exercise More remains poorly attended.  Jesus came to make the Father known to everyone, not to create an elite society of believers.

GOD’S ANSWER: I made it clear and public for everybody “This is My beloved Son – listen to Him!”  I think I cannot be accused of beating around the……wait for it……burning bush!  I tell you since the Big Bang I’ve been on a roll.  I’ll be here for eternity, do try the fish.

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