Amos 7-9; Revelation 2

If your conception of Jesus is safe and “huggable”, a sort of divine Misterogers or Barney the Dinosaur, Revelation 2 is eye-opening.  His message to the various churches is generally stern, using the management feedback technique called “sandwiching”: i.e. praise followed by criticism followed by more praise.  We have all been there; I came out of college into the Wendy’s management training program and was taught that technique specifically, and of course I had it used on me: “Walker, you are intelligent.  I can tell you something one time and you do it correctly.  But you move like a glacier: got to be faster.  But keep up the good work and you’ll go places in this company.”  A striking example in Revelation 2 is the Church of Ephesus: the praise Jesus begins with would lead one to conclude the Ephesians are sure-fire saints.  But then He chastises them (I hold it against you…) that they don’t have the love they had at first.  But He follows that jab with a “but I know you hate the works of Nicolaitans” coaching pat on the behind.  Revelation 2 is sober, reflective Scripture for all Christians, especially the “I’m basically good, I haven’t killed anybody” crowd.

GOD’S ANSWER: I like what My servant C. S. Lewis said, that either Christianity is the most important thing in the universe, or it’s not important at all.  Take it from Me, it is the most important thing in the universe.

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