Jonah; Revelation 4

The Book of Jonah is a delightful story.  Everyone is familiar with the “whale”, but less considered is Jonah’s beautiful prayer of gratitude for his deliverance (2:3-10).  It is deliciously ironic that the mercy of God he is so appreciative for angers him when it is extended to the Ninevites.   Is that any less ironic when I pray praising God for the blessings in my life, while at the same time wishing He would smite ISIS, Planned Parenthood, the Democratic party, and the producers of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”?

GOD’S ANSWER: My Son is an infinite ocean of mercy, and We want everyone to go for a swim.  We want to give them every opportunity.  There is more animated rejoicing in Heaven over the conversion and repentance of an ISIS thug than a Cam Newton end zone celebration!  So bear with Us patiently all of you eager for smiting: ultimately there will be My justice.

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