Genesis 22-24; Matthew 2

Genesis 22 – the testing of Abraham – can be one of the most challenging chapters in Scriptures for Christians to defend.  It’s a militant atheist favorite, a refutation of our loving, fatherly God.  It prefigures the sacrifice on the Cross (probably not an effective response to a militant atheist).  The key point I believe is God did not let Abraham follow through on his willingness to sacrifice his son, at a time when parents sacrificing their child to appease the gods was common.  God made a statement that He would not ask us earthly parents to make such a sacrifice – He more than once declared such a sacrifice abhorrent – but ultimately He proves His love for us by making that sacrifice Himself.  From the text we can infer that Isaac – like Jesus – was willing.  Lord, grant me the grace of Isaac, to willingly and lovingly carry the crosses of my life, mindful of Your glory.

GOD’S ANSWER: Everything is Mine.  But I made man and woman to share in My Divine Life.  Anything that does not move you closer to that is at best a waste of the precious time granted to you.  The clock is ticking…

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