Genesis 28-30; Matthew 4

Genesis 30 is worthy of a Lifetime Channel movie, with Jacob being worn out by four different women to produce the sons that would be the progenitors of the twelve tribes of Israel.  The key thought is that while the various mythologies of the Sumerians, Greeks, etc. were created by people huddling around a fire drinking some form of fermented beverage and trying to upstage one another with fantastic stories, the Bible is populated by real people living a true human story.  God is not lounging on His throne or favorite comfy chair looking down on human beings with detached amusement, but condescends to interact with them and lead them.  Matthew 4 relates Jesus’ temptations by the Devil, and I highly recommend the chapter on this Pope Benedict XVI’s “Jesus of Nazareth” (there is a lot to unpack there, and the great theologian does it masterfully).  There are Christians who say they believe in Jesus but don’t believe in the Devil, that he is symbolic – or at worst (as I’ve been told) a story made up by old men to scare people.  He is a real person, one with whom Jesus had a relationship, albeit a naturally adversarial one.  And Satan is delighted by people who don’t believe he exists, relishing the thought of the potential meet-and-greet.

GOD’S ANSWER: I am exasperated by knob-heads who believe I exist, that I created the universe and the human race, but left Creation to its own devices because I had more interesting things to do.  I utterly delight in every soul and long to share My Diving Life with each one.  And yes, Satan exists.  What a disappointment…

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