Genesis 34-36; Matthew 6

Matthew 6:27 “Can any of you by worrying add a single moment to your life-span?”  It is a statement by Jesus that when we hear it we nod our heads in agreement, but then find it extremely difficult to live out.  Our devotion to our electronic devices makes this even more difficult to live out.  Under a constant barrage of often dubious information, images, and noise, it is easy to become anxious and worried.  The economy, the climate, politics – the world in general – can seem to be going to hell, and it can end up affecting us.  What do my clothes say about me, should I avoid gluten – the world presents us many things to consider that we either are doing or not doing.  When you add in the real things that happen, when you have cancer or your children have difficulties or you get a letter from the IRS – it can get overwhelming.  The antidote is Adoration, to spend time with your truest most loving Friend in silence, and to read and reflect on Scripture.  Scripture makes you realize that ancient peoples had the some problems we have today, the same worries, that human nature has not changed in thousands of years.  “Will I return to health?”  “Will my children be okay?”  “Does my spouse still love me?”  Granted, I don’t worry about the king of neighboring Buford laying siege to Suwanee, but then Namaan the Horvite didn’t worry about the fate of polar bears or Kim Kardashian getting her figure back after the baby.  Lord, grant me the inner peace that comes from trusting You!

GOD’S ANSWER:  Trust me, I have things under control.  It can seem like I don’t, but I do.  Seeming chaos is part of the freedom equation.

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