Exodus 13-15; Matthew 15

Exodus 15:23-24 “…they arrived at Marah, where they could not drink its water, because it was too bitter…As the people grumbled against Moses, saying “What are we to drink?””  This expression of intense dissatisfaction came just three days after God displayed His power at the crossing of the Red Sea, on the heels of Miriam leading a tambourine-wielding dancing praise ensemble.  How quick we are to grumble about the circumstances of our lives, forgetting the blessings!  G. K. Chesterton started each day in effusive praise not that the sun came up, but in amazement and gratitude that it didn’t fall from the sky…which is definitely a different but winsome way of looking at it.

GOD’S ANSWER: Creation is fallen.  You are going to have things in your life that will make you want to grumble.  But whatever comes, grumbling and gratitude are both choices.

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