Exodus 31-33; Matthew 21

Exodus 32 (the golden calf incident) Most people misunderstand the purpose of the golden calf.  It was not idol that the Israelites were worshipping as a god per se, but a tangible representation of the God of Israel.  Nonetheless, they did something they were explicitly forbidden to do (Exodus 23:24).  And that is a great lead-in to the subject of obedience.

Obedience is not an American virtue.  You can see that driving around Atlanta every day: faithful adherence to posted speed limits is an invitation for others to road rage, even if you stay in the “slow” lane.  Nor is it an American Catholic virtue, in regards to many of the doctrines of the Church.  A friend sent me a link to a video of some 30ish layman wearing a large pectoral cross was inveighing vehemently against the leadership of the Church.  All I can say is if you believe the shepherds are bad shepherds, the “thieves and robbers” described by Jesus, you’d better be right!

GOD’S ANSWER: As Blessed Mother Theresa said, you are called to faithfulness, not success.

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