Exodus 34-36; Matthew 22

Matthew 22:39 “…You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”  G. K. Chesterton wrote a great essay describing the family and the surrounding community as the incubator for preparing people to be able to keep this commandment.  It is easy to love “humanity”, but not so easy to love the real flesh-and-blood human beings that infect our lives.  From our earliest remember-able age we are disabused of our toddling belief that we are the center of the universe; by our siblings already playing with the toys we desire at the moment, or quicker than we going for the last slice of pizza.  As we get older we interact with all the many characters we call family – crazy Aunt Sue, “pull my finger” Uncle Paul – and some of these folks can be tough to love.  As Chesterton said “‘Loving one’s neighbor’ is easy when “neighbor” is an abstract concept, but it is a real achievement to love the elderly gentleman living next door when he confronts you red-faced and sputtering because your dog has done business on his roses.”  Even tougher to love are the people we don’t know except as the way they are portrayed in the media, and the way they are portrayed makes them easy to hate.  The Master shows us the way: he was tender with people when they needed tenderness, tough with people when they needed tough-love.  Lord, give me the grace to make all my actions motivated by love!

GOD’S ANSWER: Strive to love as My Son loves.  Follow His example.  In eternity faith and hope are no more, but love remains.

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