Exodus 37-40; Matthew 23

Exodus 37-40: Much of Exodus is a furniture and fine clothing catalog.  It is tempting to skip these chapters thinking there is no edification to be had from them, but that is not true.  What comes across upon reflection is worshiping the one true God is an exacting and serious business.  It echoes that aphorism we try to instill in our children: if something is worth doing it is worth doing well.  My take is Israel cyclically backslid into idolatry because it didn’t demand as much from them as faithful adherence to the Torah, although you could argue that sacrificing one’s firstborn to Moloch seems pretty demanding…until you realize one of your slave’s kids counted.  Nonetheless, something to reflect on when presented with a church experience where the height and summit is listening to uplifting music and sermons while sipping a Starbucks.

GOD’S ANSWER: To get much, you have to give much.  Momma told you that too, remember?

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