Every once and awhile (probably will happen more often as I enter the “no country for old men”) like this morning I was up two-ish AM wide awake, aware that I won’t be going back to sleep easily if at all.  What an incredible blessing it is that my parish has perpetual Adoration!  So instead of getting up and bleary-eyeing TV, trying to read, or making Peking duck, I can go to the Adoration chapel and sit at the feet of the Master like Mary the sister of Martha.  St. Monica’s has had PA for over a year now, and it has had a tremendous impact on my life.  To use a hopefully quaint analogy, it is like letting the Divine Mechanic get under my hood and work on the engine.  I feel much more at peace with my life, and increasingly less attached to the world.  A psychologist might aver that I’m just undergoing some brain process that has nothing to do with the spiritual at all, but that’s why I don’t go to see psychologists.  Maybe I’d benefit by seeing one, but let’s move on….

A friend who is a convert to Catholicism from Anglicanism told me that one of the tenets of Anglicanism is the forbidding of Eucharistic Adoration.  I assume they consider it a form of idolatry.  And that is where the rubber meets the road in being Catholic.  If you do not believe that Christ is truly present but veiled in the Host, then you really are not a Catholic.  If you want to call yourself a Catholic because that’s how you identify, okay by me…we need the tithes.

I’ll return to my Biblical journey soon: Lent, Holy Week, and my wife’s chemotherapy have had an impact on my Scripture time.

God bless,


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