Leviticus 7-9; Matthew 26

Matthew 26:58 “Peter was following him at a distance, as far as the high priest’s courtyard, and going inside he sat down with the servants to see the outcome.”  Yes, I follow Jesus, but too often at a distance.  And our culture is trending in a way that if you follow Jesus closely it is more and more likely you will have moments of confrontation: “You too are one of them!”  I ask myself “What will my response be?”  Like Peter it is easy to avow to friends “Lord, I am willing to die for you!” when comfortably seated at table, sipping a glass of wine.  But am I really willing?  When faced with scorn, humiliation, or even physical pain would I be quick with “I don’t know what you are talking about – I don’t know him!”  Holy Spirit, grant me Your gift of fortitude, that no fear or earthly preoccupation would ever separate me from you!”

GOD’S ANSWER: Know that if you are put to that test and fail, like Peter my Son will look upon you with love, as His Sacred Heart is an infinite Ocean of Mercy.

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