Leviticus 12; Matthew 27

Leviticus 12 is titled in my Bible (NAB) as “Uncleanliness in Childbirth”.  It is a description of the rules of ritual purification after childbirth.  What I find fascinating is that it took twice as long for a woman to purify after the birth of a baby girl as if she had a boy.  The annotation states:

If she gives birth to a girl…sixty-six days: while the longer period of uncleanness following the birth of a girl, compared to that following the birth of a boy, might reflect the relative disparity in social status between men and women in ancient Israel (and attested in other cultures), this is by no means certain. There is no simple correlation in the Bible between the worth of something and the degree of impurity it can occasion.

As they used to say in those Virginia Slims commercials, “You’ve come a long way baby!”

GOD’S ANSWER: I am staying out of this one.  You all continue to work it out.

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