Leviticus 19-21; Mark 2

Mark 2:27 And he said to them “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”

There was a time in America that Sunday was greatly observed by Christians.  I remember my Ohio – which was not the Bible Belt – childhood where you bought things on Saturday because everything was closed on Sunday.  In my teenage years in the early 70s some stores started being open on Sunday, to the murmured scandal of my elders.  Of course today Sunday from the world’s standpoint is just like every other day; stores tend to have shortened hours on Sunday, but they are not going to leave all that money on the table.  Chick Fil-A is a notable exception, being closed on Sunday.  Chick Fil-A restaurants are money-making juggernauts, always staffed with smiling, hustling (and numerous) associates.  In my experience the food is always hot and delicious, the orders correct, the service top-notch.  When founder Truett Cathy died, I noted with some amusement the article in the business section of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution included comments from a business analyst critical of Chick Fil-A’s Sunday policy, questioning how many millions – even billions – in potential revenue the company had foregone over the years.  I have never encountered commentary from one of these individuals attributing being closed on Sunday as a possible factor in the success of Chick Fil-A.  I find it easy to attribute the great attitude of Chick Fil-A employees – including management – to having Sunday to recharge their spiritual, emotional, and physical batteries.  But I am going to step away from my MBA degree and make the claim that God blesses Chick Fil-A for its fidelity to the Sabbath and the company’s striving to exemplify living the Christian life in business.  There have been many attempts to besmirch Chick Fil-A as racist – or even worse, “intolerant”, but I have found none of these to be credible.  In the wake of Cathy’s death – soon followed by his wife Jeanette – there have been nothing but “feel good” stories about the character and accomplishments of the Cathys.

There was a time in my life I was less than enthusiastic about the “duty” of attending Mass on Sunday.  Now I am in love with the Mass, where at the moment of Consecration Heaven meets Earth, and I love connecting with a community in celebrating it.  I try to spend the rest of the day in spiritual reading and watching shows from EWTN that I have saved on my DVR.  I am not perfect in this regard – not close to perfect actually – but it is a good day when my focus is on furthering my friendship with Christ as opposed to the demands of the world.

GOD’S ANSWER: My ordinance to set aside one day a week is not an onerous restriction, but a gift.


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