Leviticus 25-27; Mark 4

Leviticus 26 – the reward for obedience, the punishment for disobedience – is remarkable reading and reflection.  It is easy to see how one comes to the conclusion that God is angry and vengeful, the stern Lawgiver and Judge.  But if you think about it, the fruits of dissolute, undisciplined living and the consequences described here as the consequences for disobedience to God are natural consequences.  Yet the chapter ends with God’s promise He will not forget His covenant with His people and forsake them in their dire circumstances if they simply repent.  No matter how much Satan tries to convince us that we are beyond redemption, truly we are not.  The unforgivable sin is to accept the Devil’s whispered lie that our sins are so egregious as to be unforgivable by God.

GOD’S ANSWER: Yes, I never abrogate your freedom.  I won’t forgive your sins if you don’t want and ask My forgiveness.


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