Numbers 1-3; Mark 5

Mark 5:28 “She said, “If I but touch his clothes, I shall be cured.””  If one is not overly familiar with Mosaic Law, there is possibly not a full realization of the terrible suffering of the hemorrhagic woman.  She was not only dealing with the physical consequences of her condition, but the social ones as well.  She was unclean, and had been continuously unclean for twelve years – perhaps not as extreme an outcast as a leper, but the next closest thing to it.  She could not attend synagogue, and had to deal with a high degree of social isolation, and doubtless depression as well.  She was taking a great risk in touching Jesus, exposing her to possible vehement rejection by making him unclean.  Thus Satan when he feels we are ripe tempts us to despair: “Miserable wretch!  Who are you to approach Jesus?”  We can be convinced our sins are so egregious that we are beyond God’s healing forgiveness.  And that is the beauty of the sacrament of Reconciliation: it is an opportunity to take courage and touch the clothes of Jesus, and be made clean and whole.

GOD’S ANSWER: My Son’s Sacred Heart burns with the desire of love for mankind and the desire of being loved by all men and women.  His power to heal is inexhaustible.

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