Male and Female He Created Them

Our kids just concluded a two-week visit from Korea, where my son is stationed in the Army.  We got to spend some meaningful time with our granddaughter, who turned one year-old in February.  We had not seen her since she was a newborn, so this visit was much anticipated.  It was great, especially in that the last couple of days I seemed to graduate from “scary, odd stranger” to “Grandpa” status.

Mary and I now have a three year-old grandson and the aforementioned granddaughter.  Getting to know my granddaughter as a personality was a strong reinforcement that…..wait for it….there are basic differences between males and females, built into them by God.  I know that’s a seismic shock, which induced every person reading this just spit out their coffee or turn choleric with indignation.  What, you say, gender is a social construct, enforced on children by their Neanderthal parents!  Indulge me for a moment.

My grandson is outgoing, boisterous, looking for rough-and-tumble play – a 35 lb. Hulk Hogan who in his interactions with me goes by the motto “Protect yourself at all times Grandpa.”  He would have drawn the praise of my Ohio relatives “He’s all boy!”  My granddaughter is quieter, demure, gentler, cautious – kinder to the dog – she would have drawn their praise “She’s all girl!”  It’s just shrieking common sense that they are the way there are as part of God’s plan for the human race, and its continuation.  If he acted the way she does and vice versa, their respective parents would be worried about them.

So while the world is drawn up in battle array over public bathroom access and other insanity, let’s all take a deep breath and call on common sense to get some clarity.  Sadly the concept of “human rights” has changed from in the wake of World War II the oppression of the dignity of human beings by governments to being able to do whatever you want to do without regard to the common good.  But let’s end with a light-hearted note…

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