In other news…

My grandson Jonas became eligible for a Social Security card at about 15:30 EST this afternoon.  At almost 12 lbs, he’s officially a BAB (Big Ass Baby).  My daughter-in-law went through almost 36 hours of induced labor…that’s just toughness personified.  Have a Woodchuck girl, you’ve earned it!

That’s 3 now I must one day teach the ways of The Force.


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3 Comments on “In other news…”

  1. John Plaskowsky Says:

    Congratulations.  Sounds like he’s a record setter from day 1. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  2. Stan Sikorski Says:

    “At almost 12 lbs, he’s” already qualified to be a first round linebacker…

  3. Karen Sikorski Says:

    Congratulations and oh, I feel so sorry for your dear daughter-in-law. Poor thing!!!! I didn’t know newborns could be 12 pounds!

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