Numbers 25-27; Mark 13

Mark 13:36-37 “May he not come suddenly and find you sleeping.  What I say to you, I say to all: “Watch!””  We hear these words of Jesus and I believe we tend to frame them in terms of the Second Coming, not our individual lives.  I had a good friend who was for a 62 year-old superbly fit – a runner without an ounce of fat on him – and very disciplined in his diet; e.g. no red meat.  After playing a round of golf on a beautiful day, he had a massive heart attack in the parking lot and never regained consciousness, dying at the hospital.  The happy ending to this story was that my friend heeded Christ’s words and did indeed watch; he was not found sleeping.

How do I reflect this thinking as a Catholic in regards to sin?  I am not cavalier about my state of grace.  I am much more conscious about my daily behavior.  It is easier to keep track of the “do nots” I do, than the “dos” I fail to do, and this takes some focus. Cognizant of my sinfulness, I try to get to confession on regular basis, aiming for once a month as a devotional, ASAP if my soul is mortally wounded.  I never take it for granted that when death comes I will be in friendship with Christ.  I think I’m on the right track because when I do sin my remorse is not servile, the fear of punishment, but filial, the regret of disappointing a loving Father.

GOD’S ANSWER: You are far from a finished product Walker, but We may make a saint of you yet.

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