Numbers 28-30; Mark 14

Numbers 28-29.  These chapters detail the when, what, and how of all the various holocausts and offerings the Israelites are to make, “sweet-smelling oblations to the Lord”.  The precision in what is to be offered and the volume is amazing.  To comply faithfully with these prescriptions made relationship with God primary on their agenda; otherwise they would have made mistakes offering lambs when goats were called for and so on.  It is easy to see why the Chosen People fell away and followed the false gods of their neighbors so often.  You just know these wheels turned in a few heads: “Let me see, I can learn the Torah and give 10% of my best livestock and produce to the Levites, and often stop what I am doing to attend assemblies that go on all day long with much ram’s horn-blowing and haranguing; or I can have access to temple prostitutes by just sacrificing one of my 55 children (3 of whom I know their names) by 16 wives to Chemosh or Milcom.  Hmmm, no-brainer.”  And when they had kings, they just followed the lead of the king.  Easy to do, and probably safer: ancient kings were no noted for their tolerance of religious pluralism.

So what is the take-away for Catholics today?  God does not change.  He seeks that same close, attentive relationship now as He did then.  The Church is actually less demanding that the Torah, as there are 5 precepts considered the minimum compliance in living a true Catholic life:

It is not inferred this all you have to do and you are good to go.  This is just the foundation of Catholic spiritual life, not the whole house.  If you are playing golf on Sundays and not attending Mass, you might be a modern day follower of Milcom.  (This program was made possible by a grant from the Milcom Corporation)

GOD’S ANSWER: It is not easy for us to have a relationship.  You have to work at it.  I did not want it that way, but it is the way your first parents chose.  When you work hard at it, I know it is what you want; I do not force Myself on anybody.

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