Numbers 31-33; Mark 15

Numbers 31:1-2 “The Lord said to Moses, ‘Avenge the Israelites on the Midianites, and then you shall be taken to your people.’”  Chapter 31 of Numbers is the culmination of the “Baal of Peor” incident, begun in Chapter 25.  Atheists like Bill Maher like to point to these parts of the Old Testament, which are brutal to modern sensibilities, and allow them to play the “How could a loving God?” card.  I love what Father Jack said about the Old Testament on the eve of Pentecost at our Adoration retreat, in that Jim Carrey high-pitched delivery of his: “It….was a….MESS!”  In other words, the Old Testament – prior to the descent of the Holy Spirit – was what the world is today where the Holy Spirit is not operative.  Is the Holy Spirit operative when our government makes tranny restroom rights the Great Issue of the Day, while turning a relatively blind eye to genocide in the Middle East?  Just asking…

Another thing that struck me about the “Baal of Peor” incident is that Moses’ wife and in-laws (most notably the esteemed Jethro) were Midianites. Makes me wonder if this was a painful command for Moses to keep, perhaps part of his punishment for his lack of faith at Meribah?  I am assuming “all the Midianites” were the “Baal of Peor” Midianites, not a total genocide.  It also mentions that they killed Balaam, which was a bit sad, because I thought he had some redeeming qualities, and a cool talking ass besides.

GOD’S ANSWER: Faithfulness to Me is your salvation.

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