And a man shall leave his father and mother…

Today is our 36th wedding anniversary, so pardon the digression from the Scriptural journey.  Mary is going to wake up disappointed when she finds no card on the kitchen table, but I have made celebratory provisions that I hope will ease the initial letdown.  They are not quite as good as the Suwanee PD showing up to do this, but it’s close:

I was thinking this morning about what I’ll call the “Nora Ephron Syndrome”, most egregiously on display in her movie “Sleepless in Seattle”.  The Nora Ephron Syndrome – or NES – is the nagging conviction that no matter what person you are currently in a romantic relationship with, there is some other potential lover somewhere – maybe in Tierra del Fuego or the Fiji Islands – you would be much happier with, that would be a truer soulmate.  Of course the big problem with NES is even after you’ve left a goober like Bill Pullman for Tom Hanks, how do you really know that Tom Hanks is “that guy”, or Meg Ryan is “that girl”?  I mean, Tom Hanks could very well be a Russian implant that when Moscow calls him on the phone and says the psychological key word, he screws on the silencer, puts a bullet in your head while you sleep, and then goes on a killing rampage that only Charles Bronson can stop.  You never really know, do you?

Thankfully as a Catholic Christian I don’t believe in blind chance and coincidences.  I believe this wonderful woman I’m yoked to was part of the plan from the creation of the universe.  I offer as evidence that fact that I’m just as crazy about her now as I was after the first date back in 1975, even though we no longer climb trees to engage in monkey steaming jungle love; watching Dr. Phil together is taxing enough.  We have 3 great sons – “mighty men of valor” as the Bible would say – and 3 great grandchildren: the 3 year-old office linebacker, the 1-1/2 year-old delicate and peripatetic flower, and the recently-born milk vampire.  I thank God every day for these incredible blessings in my life, and I am sad and pray for those young people who are so hesitant and reluctant to commit to marriage.  As Chesterton once said, it is the greatest adventure there is, and you don’t go on it alone.  And it is our great hope that we recline at table together at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb, where the wine never runs out and the desserts are sensational and not the least fattening.

God bless us all!

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One Comment on “And a man shall leave his father and mother…”

  1. Stan Sikorski Says:

    Congrats Grand-pa, pa, and holy spirit…Stan

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