Judges 16-18; John 1

Judges 17:6 In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in their own eyes.

John 1:17 …because while the law was given through Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

The verse from John crystallizes the whole of salvation history: the Old Testament is the story of humanity’s struggle for peace and order after the Fall through the Law, while the New Testament is the full revelation of the love of God.  Chapters 16-18 of Judges exemplify the turmoil and chaos of life without the Law.  I think today we don’t even have everyone doing what is right in their own eyes; we have a multitude of people who know they are not doing right and they don’t care. And perhaps since Cain that has been true, that doing what is right in your own eyes is not necessarily believing what you are doing is right.

GOD’S ANSWER: Darkened minds whose god is their stomach: quite a few of those about.  Pray for them.

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One Comment on “Judges 16-18; John 1”

  1. Stan Sikorski Says:

    Game and Match.


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