1 Samuel 13-15; John 8

John 8:11 …Then Jesus said “Neither do I condemn you. Go, [and] from now on do not sin anymore.”

One thing that strikes me about this great encounter with Christ – the Gospel of John is all about personal encounters with Christ – is that the Pharisees are trying to trap Jesus with a law they aren’t even obeying.  “This woman we caught in the very act of adultery.”  To be caught in the very act, there had to a man also caught in the very act.  The Law of Moses prescribed stoning for both.  It makes you wonder how much injustice was bundled into the backstory of the adulterous woman.  It to me stinks of a set-up.  Was her paramour an influential Jew, maybe even one of the Sanhedrin?  Where was her husband?  Was he an accuser, stone at ready?   Jesus’ words to her are direct and powerful, getting to the heart of what true repentance is.  God is merciful and is always willing to forgive, but one has to stop sinning in return.  Also a powerful message to us, the “righteous”: we are all sinners, and while we don’t confirm others in their sins, we don’t know their story like God does, and we too could have stones thrown at us if our full story was known.

GOD’S ANSWER: As My Son said, the merciful shall have mercy.

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