1 Kings 1-3; Acts of the Apostles 1

1 Kings 2:19 Then Bathsheba went to King Solomon to speak for him to Adonijah, and the king stood up to meet her and paid her homage.  Then he sat down upon his throne, and a throne was provided for the king’s mother, who sat at his right.

A common misconception of our separated brothers and sisters is the Catholic reverence for Mary; there is even confusion that we worship Mary as if she were equal to God.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  But we can see in the Davidic kingdom the model for the Heavenly kingdom.  The queen is the mother of the king, not one of his wives.  And as Solomon loved and revered his mother Bathsheba, so Jesus on his Heavenly throne loves and reveres his mother Mary, the Theotokos, the true Mother of God.  And as Bathsheba interceded for Adonijah, Mary takes our prayerful request to her Son and intercedes for us….although if you continue reading 1 Kings 2:20-24, we do hope the results of Mary’s intercession for us turns out better for us than Bathsheba’s did for Adonijah.  That had to hurt, as Bob Costas would say.

GOD’S ANSWER: Listen to Mary as she points to her son and tell you “Do whatever he tells you.”

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