1 Kings 7-9; Acts 3

I Kings 8:46-47 When they sin against you (for there is no man who does not sin) and in your anger against them you deliver them to the enemy, so that their captors deport them to a hostile land, far or near, may they repent in the land of their captivity and be converted.

Solomon proves remarkably prescient, as this ultimately is the fate of both the northern and southern kingdoms.  The people deported to Babylon did repent and were restored to their homeland.  What about us Americans?  We do sin, and as time goes on the sins are increasingly egregious and the genuine repentance less and less?  Obviously we would never be physically deported, but I can foresee us being taken somewhere we don’t want to go, possibly economically.  We take great pride in being the world’s preeminent “super-power”, and pride is at the root of every fall.  Just saying, when you tell yourself you don’t need God, He has ways of reminding you that you do.

Sorry for the grumpiness.  Comes with being a Browns fan.

GOD’S ANSWER:  Robert Griffin III?  What we you guys thinking?

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