But I digress….

Mary and I got back from Orlando night before last, where Sunday we witnessed the baptism of Jonas, the world’s happiest baby.  Jonas is also a big baby: there must be Samoan heritage in the DNA somewhere , and I think Father injured a rotator cuff lifting him up before the congregation – Father is listed as day to day.  But Jonas and I got some quality time, and I sensed he found me engagingly goofy.  He did get hold of my chest hair once; the pain, the pain as Dr. Smith would proclaim on Lost in Space.

On the way back Mary wanted to look at some Florida properties and Lake Eustis and Lake Griffin in little cottage communities that are close to the water or on canals leading to the bigger water.  Her dream is to have somewhere fairly close to the kids where we can stay and not be imposing on them, and they can come to and have some water-based fun.  Seems like reasonable dream, as long as there’s air-conditioning.

One place on Lake Eustis was an “active senior” community.  We met by chance an energetic 70-something named Skip who spoke enthusiastically about the place and all the great opportunities for socializing and diversion, like the Saturday morning coffees where you get a free donut….be still, my heart.  Personally, I feel no enthusiasm for my senior years being spent in amusement and self-absorption.  That time seems like a great opportunity to “give back” and get closer to God.  And truthfully, I find conversations with younger people usually more edifying, like the one I had with my almost 4 year-old grandson this past weekend:

J: Grandpa, who would win, a T-Rex or a wolf spider?

Me: Why, the wolf spider of course.

J: Awww, how’s a wolf spider gonna beat a T-Rex?

Me: The wolf spider would crawl into his ear canal while he was sleeping and bite him into submission.

J: Awwww Grandpa, Nooooooooo…

Me: ‘Fraid so J.  It’s documented science you see.

 What a great gift children are!  God bless us all.


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