2 Chronicles 19-21; Romans 3

Romans 3:31 Are we then annulling the law by this faith?  Of course not!  On the contrary, we are supporting the law.

Per the notes: We are supporting the law: giving priority to God’s intentions. God is the ultimate source of law, and the essence of law is fairness. On the basis of the Mosaic covenant, God’s justice is in question if those who sinned against the law are permitted to go free (see Rom 3:2326). In order to rescue all humanity rather than condemn it, God thinks of an alternative: the law or “principle” of faith (Rom 3:27). What can be more fair than to admit everyone into the divine presence on the basis of forgiveness grasped by faith? Indeed, this principle of faith antedates the Mosaic law, as Paul will demonstrate in Rom 4, and does not therefore mark a change in divine policy.

“God is the ultimate source of law”, something we are quickly forgetting as a culture.  Calamity and discord – as opposed to social peace – is the result of keeping faith out of the public square.  I am not saying faith should be the sum and total of the public square (see Taliban, ISIS), but no good comes from “freedom to worship”, i.e. keep it inside your church on Sunday and in your home the rest of the week.

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