Which Mary are we talking about?

There was this sign at the women’s march: “If Mary had an abortion, we wouldn’t be in this mess”.  Now I originally thought the Mary referred to was Mary the Mother of God, but I googled and found out that Donald Trump’s mother was named Mary.  So as vile and despicable as referring to Mary Trump that way is, it is not as mind-bogglingly heinous as saying Jesus should have been aborted.  But in the meantime I have been assured by several people I respect that if Mary Trump was meant, the sign would have said “Mary Trump”, and that there are a significant number of people who believe Christianity is the oppressor of women, gays, blacks, and other minorities – the general source of evil in the world.  Wow.  That someone could sincerely hold that belief is stunning to me.  Which leads to an interesting speculation: what the world would be like if the Incarnation had not happened, maybe worthy of a novel or a long-running series on FX.  It is a historical fact (Go back and watch the Showtime series “Rome”) that in pre-Christian Rome what we consider virtue today – patience, humility, concern for the poor, etc. – was considered weakness then.  In the absence of Christianity, we might very well have a Roman Empire culture on steroids today.  For example, when that person in front of you has 13 items on the belt in Kroger’s express checkout when they are only supposed to have 12, if you swept their groceries onto the floor and if you triumphed in the ensuing dagger duel, you would be applauded for your prowess (Dead body in checkout! Clean-up to checkout!)  Or perhaps Islam is the true revelation and the entire world would be living under sharia law – that would be cool: have your women’s march or gay pride parade then, see how that goes.  People just need to use a little reason and examine their beliefs and ensuing utterances.  If you begin a refutation with “I feel that…”, you should realize instantly you are off into the tall weeds.  Just sayin’.

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