1 Maccabees 13-16; 1 Corinthians 16

1 Maccabees 13:1-7 When Simon heard that Trypho was gathering a large army to invade and ravage the land of Judah, and saw that the people were trembling with terror, he went up to Jerusalem. There he assembled the people and exhorted them in these words: “You know what I, my brothers, and my father’s house have done for the laws and the sanctuary; what battles and hardships we have seen. For the sake of this, for the sake of Israel, all my brothers have perished, and I alone am left. Far be it from me, then, to save my own life in any time of distress, for I am not better than my brothers. But I will avenge my nation and the sanctuary, as well as your wives and children, for out of hatred all the Gentiles have united to crush us.” As the people heard these words, their spirit was rekindled.

When C. S. Lewis penned the chapter “Men Without Chests” in The Abolition of Man, he was not thinking about Simon, son of Mattathias and brother of Judas Maccabeus.  This is a great example of “manning up”, something you don’t see much of today – at least not spotlighted by the media. Of course our Lord always “manned up”, which sometimes evidenced itelf in giving the Pharisees the Moe Howard treatment they deserved; sometimes it was the tenderness he showed to repentant sinners.  Lord, help me always “man up” as you did in living a joyful and abundant Christian life!


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